Who is Magician Steve Hart?

Let me introduce myself and my career background as a magician. I am living my childhood dream of working as a magician.

It all started back in Indiana when I was in the 5th grade when a magician performed a magic show at my school.

From that point on I began to read all of the books I could get a hold of on the topic of magic. By the time I was age 14 I entered an international magic stage contest and won first place.

My parents didn’t know what to think. I knew I wanted to be a professional magician but they and everyone said I had to get a real job.

I went to college, got a degree and worked for a few years in the medical field. But I was not happy. I eventually positioned myself to pursue my dream. 

Within 8 years I was making more money than both of my parents and having fun.
Since then I have traveled and performed all over the USA, in Hollywood, NYC, on cruise ships and I hosted my own TV show.

After working on the cruise ships, I moved to Florida near Port Canaveral. Today I don’t travel as much and enjoy working the East Mid-Central part of Florida.¬†

I have been given awards by my fellow magicians. I am honored and asked to perform and lecture teaching other magician what I have learned.

Today 80% of my shows are for children. I love making them laugh as I watch their eyes fill with joy and wonder.